Four Things You Can’t Lack If You Want Your Ecommerce Site To Succeed

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Ecommerce Strategy

Ecommerce is huge, now. There’s no doubt about it. If a business wants real success, they should be selling their products online. It’s a marketplace that can connect you to more people than ever before and helps you even find whole new demographics for your business. If you’re using it right, at least. Here are a few mistakes that could get in your way.


You should already be constantly worried about the visibility of your online store. After all, what good is a fantastic design and an easy-to-use storefront if people can’t find it. Nowadays, visibility and marketing are all about two approaches. Outbound marketing, which means social media, video adverts and finding your customers. Inbound marketing is about the people who are already looking for your services.  It’s about using SEO to make sure that your business is the one that pops up for them. Maintaining both these fronts is paramount to making sure your site doesn’t just slip into obscurity.


It might not be the visibility that’s stopping people from using your site, however. Perhaps they would use it if they could. The only problem is that they can’t. This is the case for a lot of business owners who haven’t made the necessary adaptations for accessibility sake yet. This includes being able to accept common online forms of payment like PayPal. It also means taking your site international so that people from all over the world can use it. Finally, it could mean app development so that you’re not leaving mobile and tablet users out of the loop.


Content is king in marketing these days. For one, if you do it right, you’re building your brand as an expert in your field. It also has its uses for your two marketing streams. First, it gives you more relevant material to share on your social media feeds. Secondly, search engine optimisation feeds off relevant content. The more you have, the more legitimate and thus better search engines consider you to be. Setting up a content pipeline to go alongside your business can have all sorts of benefits. Just make sure you’re putting out stuff that’s actually good.


It might not be face-to-face, but that doesn’t mean you should slack on service. In fact, you might want to go the extra mile to remind customers you exist. One way of doing that is by sending a follow-up email after they buy from you. You want to provide live service when they’re on your site as well. It could be in the form of an accessible, helpful FAQ section. If you have the time and resources for it, you can even use a live chat on your site. That way you’re on the front lines of making sure your customers have a pleasant experience using your services.

Doing business online means making your business easy to find and easy to use. It also means having the branding and information to go alongside it. Finally, it’s about making sure you don’t slack on treating your customers like customers.

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