How To Be Frugal With Your Mobile Phone: A Guide For The Cost-Conscious

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We all love to use our mobile phones. After all; they don’t just let us make and receive calls and text messages. They enable us to stay better connected with the outside world. Emails and instant messaging are just two features all mobile phone users take advantage of on a regular basis.

Of course, the only downside to using such handsets is that we can unknowingly end up spending a fortune! Why? Because we don’t use our devices in a cost-conscious way!

Are you worried about getting hit with a large bill for out-of-tariff charges? Perhaps you’ve spent a lot of money on apps for your mobile phone? In any case, this handy guide will help you to be a more frugal mobile user! Here is what you need to know:

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Make sure you’ve got the right contract

There are three types of mobile contract that you can sign up for these days. The first is pre-paid. Here, you buy “credit” before you can make calls or send texts. You will also need to purchase any smartphones outright.

The next is post-pay, where you get billed for your tariff charges and line rental once a month. Handsets get included as part of the deal, for free or at a small cost.

And then there is the SIM-free contract. As with post-pay contracts, you get billed once a month. But it’s cheaper because you aren’t paying for a subsidized phone. You can also have a contract term of just 30 days if you wish.

Issa Asad from Q Link Wireless says that you should choose the right contract for your needs. All too often, people sign up to contracts and seldom make use of their tariff allowances. That means they are paying for things they hardly ever use!

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Turn off mobile data

We all know how handy it is to get online from anywhere using a fast 4G or LTE mobile data connection. Most contracts give you some allowance (bandwidth, in megabytes or gigabytes) before you have to pay extra.

If you’re a frequent smartphone user, you could end up eating up that allowance in no time at all. To avoid this problem, turn off your mobile data. Just connect to a Wi-Fi network where possible. This handy Lifehacker guide will show you how to find some free Wi-Fi hotspots wherever you are in the world.

Don’t upgrade as often

Sometimes the high costs of having a mobile phone are down to the cost of buying the handsets! If you change your phone as much as you change your clothes, you’ll soon go broke!

The best thing to do is keep hold of your device for two years at a minimum. After that period, you can go and upgrade. Be sure to sell your old handset so that you can recoup some of the cost of upgrading.

Only download apps when they are free or cheap

Some people find that they spend too much money on apps for their smartphones, for example. The simple solution is just to download free apps.

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App developers might sometimes release their premium apps for free for a period. I remember taking advantage of that fact by downloading the Kayak app when there was a brief 100% discount on the price!

If you search online, there are websites that can alert you when premium apps go free for a limited time.

Now that you’ve read today’s cost-cutting guide, you’ll soon have extra money in your pocket!

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