How to Use Smartphones to Take Better Shots

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With more than a billion users, Smartphone technology has taken the world by storm and has become a top selling commodity worldwide. Smartphones not only provided mobile phone users the convenience of computer technology but also helped cater to the amateur photographers and the rise of several new trends in popular culture. Camera phone technology marked the beginning of the future right at the start of the 21st century, when it was first introduced in Japan. Today, the most commonly used cameras and mobile phones are camera phones and smartphones. Combining camera phone with the Smartphone technology has taken amateur photography to a whole new level. If you own a Smartphone and would like to click some amazing photographs, then here are a few tips that might help.

Use Smartphones for Better Photos

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  1. Utilize the Light

No matter what operating system or brand of Smartphone you use, great photography is always about the right amount of light. Choosing the right time of the day for a particular location is important to get the perfect shot. While photographing and object it is important to choose a contrasting backdrop that not only enhances the objects visual details but also provides and artistic touch to your photos.

  1. Refrain From Using The Zoom

Unless your phone has an optical zoom, it is always better to leave the zoom button untouched when using a Smartphone camera. The digital zoom is not only inefficient but also distorts the picture. Remember that Smartphone cameras aren’t designed for wide angle photography and are used best to capture candid events and moments. Get closer to the subject if possible to get a clearer picture. Use the crop function to get a larger picture as it works much better than the horrid digital zoom.

  1. Do not Use Filters

While the pre-loaded filters can help you get that sepia or monochrome effect in an instant, it can also make the picture look un-original and similar to several other pictures worldwide. Manually editing the photographs brightness, ambiance, saturation and contrast etc. will often provide you with far pleasing and authentic effects to your image.

  1. Avoid the LED flash

The main purpose of a traditional flash strobe is to freeze the action in the frame and provide the subject with a fair amount of luminosity and color temperature. The LED flash provided with most camera phones is better used as an emergency flashlight than as a camera flash as it fails to provide the lens with the right color temperature. This results in overly bright photographs in dark lighting which are totally out of the park. The overly long flash duration is also a major cause for blurry photographs in smartphones.

  1. Using the Various Digital Lenses

While the cameras on high end Smartphones are often great, the use of 3rd party digital lenses can also enhance the various shots you want to take. When it comes to avoid photography issues like red-eye, it’s best to use the various downloadable digital lenses. Digital lenses can control the amount of exposure and luminosity in the image while you click the photograph, in the same manner as real lenses used with SLRs.

  1. For Best Results, Print the Photo

With the rise of digital media and the various sharing options provided by smartphones, printing photos on paper is getting obsolete. Most pro photographers suggest the photograph is best viewed when it is printed on paper. Physical printing will not only provide the image with a considerable amount of tangibility but also enhances the colors.

With the introduction of far advanced camera phone technology, more and more people are joining the club of amateur photography. The above tips are really helpful if you want to take better photos with your camera enabled smartphones. One must always remember that despite of the introduction of better cameras, it often takes a keen eye to click a brilliant photograph.

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