Is Online Video The Future Of Content Marketing?

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We all know that reading is boring and most people on the internet dislike reading through long blocks of text. In a similar manner how television replaced the radio as a popular means of communication and entertainment, videos are slowly replacing the boring and mundane text based content on the internet. According to several behavioral studies, it has been proven that humans are more attracted to moving pictures and objects making up to the immense popularity of television in the 20th century. If this trend continues, you should probably expect to see a video for every possible search query in the near future. It is also suggested that within 4 years, videos will make up for 90% of the internet content in the world.

Online Video Content Marketing

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Use in Content Marketing

Content marketing in simple words, is any form of marketing that involves creating and sharing of media and publishing text based information. Today, one cannot think of an important business task without the use of the internet. The rise in e-commerce has brought content marketing to a whole new level and with videos replacing the popularity of text based information, it is quiet likely that content marketing will majorly feature online videos. Even when it comes to the search engines, the videos related to a specific search query is 50 times more likely to appear compared to a webpage or blog.  Here’s a list of reason why videos are the future of content based marketing.

  1. Superior Reach

With more than 80% of the world’s population using the internet, videos have an immense reach across the globe. By 2017, videos will account for 69% of the internet traffic and hence it has now become essential for the marketing agencies and content creators to serve to this internet niche.

  1. Viral Videos

We have all heard the success stories of the various viral videos on YouTube. With several viral advertisement videos across the internet, it is about time that content marketing agencies realize the potential views their clients can receive through online videos.

  1. Naturally Engaging

Videos are naturally more engaging than plain texts or scanty images, and provide the users with visual information which is easier to comprehend than text. Although it is highly important for the marketing agencies to create videos that maintain the attention of the potential customers along with promoting a specific product or service.

  1. Low Production Costs

It used to be an expensive task for video production in the earlier times. But due to the popularity of cheaper recording devices and rise of amateur cinema in the 80s and 90s, creating a video has become inexpensive and easy and can be used both for small and big businesses. Apps like twitter’s Vine provide an easy and inexpensive video sharing solution for both users and small businesses to share their videos.

  1. Shared On Social Media

The current age of social media has helped increase the popularity of videos even more. With several social media websites like facebook and Google+ allowing users to share and upload videos, it is one of the best places to promote your products and services with video content. The more engaging and entertaining the video is, the more shares it will receive.

With the global popularity of internet in the 90s till mid 2006, video clips became a rage amongst millions of users worldwide and spawned the Clip Culture. Clip Culture, in simple words refers to the sharing and viewing of various video clips on the internet. While this doesn’t seem productive to many, the immense demand and popularity of video clips across the globe has turned this into billion dollar industry and made it a popular source of income. With the rise of popular video sharing based social media websites like YouTube, online videos have become a popular marketplace tool for advertising and promotion.

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