Mistakes in Pay per Click That Can Cost You Money

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Mistakes in Pay per Click That Can Cost You Money

The practice of displaying advertisements in the sponsored sections of a web page is not a less-known subject. Business owners often put up such ads on popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and are required to pay a convenience fee each time someone clicks the ad through their site. Pay per click advertising uses tools, such as Google ad words or Yahoo Search Marketing, to draw attention and increase the number of potential customers to your website. In fact, PPC is one of the fastest ways to attract more traffic to your website.

The challenge with PPC like other online tactics is that marketers often jump into such web-based solutions with limited knowledge. They often employ less seasoned professionals in the field risking the potential effectiveness of such modes of advertisements. It can be risky if not executed in the right manner resulting in unmet expectations from your investments. To get the best out of this strategy, you need to hire the right PPC Management service.

Common Mistakes to Be Avoided in PPC

Never Re-direct Your Engaged Visitor to Your Site’s Home Page

Let’s suppose your PPC ad is running for the keyword “Sony Cyber shot camera” which is a product you sell through your website. At any and every instance of this keyword search, now you run the ad that redirects your visitors to a web address that takes him to your website’s home page. This might frustrate him to painstakingly navigate through the website to find the model.

The important realization here is that by this approach you are compelling a targeted and engaged visitor to work for the information he or she was expecting you to have provided. To allow and bring the visitor to a step closer to purchase, the alternative approach you could try is to directly take your prospective customer to the web page that hosts the product being looked up. Landing pages must be carefully chosen so that even if there is no product specific page where the visitor can land, you have a custom landing page that accurately describes the information being looked up.

Online Surveys and Form Filling Pisses off Your Visitor Many a Times

Many websites force its visitors to fill up online email newsletter subscriptions and other lead generator pages. This not only frustrates the time wary customer, but also hurts the possibilities of a sale.

Don’t Forget to Test Your PPC ad text

Testing out your PPC ad texts to produce the most effective results is a no-brainer. You could try out multiple versions of texts to ensure you stick to the one that leads to the most click-through and conversions. Almost all of the PPC engines allow split testing and bring meaningful patterns out of it through predictive algorithms and scripts running at the back end.

Take Advantage of Negative Keywords

Broad keyword matches often allow your website to get the greatest web traffic potential; however this comes at the cost of relevancy. The addition of negative keywords in your PPC ad group controls relevancy and at the same time brings in potential traffic as with broad keyword ad matches.

If you’re an amateur to advertising through pay per click, the above guide should help you understand how you can run a profitable marketing campaign through a test and learn approach and experimentation.

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