Piano Tiles: Leading the App Store Game charts

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Piano Tiles is the new addictive game in the market and it has made the cut in the top 3, of the App Store charts. The genius behind the new game that got everybody talking is Hu Wen Zeng, from Japan. If you enjoy those quick, fun no brainer games on your Android or IPhone then you will certainly love piano tiles. It is almost the same version as don’t step on the white tile, only now the same formula has returned with a twist and got players addictive by stepping on the black tiles without touching the white ones.

The new piano tiles are a very simple and easy to learn. It can become very addictive, yet very challenging to get a high score. The piano tiles come with a charming soundtrack and has simple controls that makes it easy for you to play. It also comes in five different modes that you can choose from.

Below are some tips to get you going in the game:

  • Zen Mode -This is where you get tested on how many black tiles you can touch in 30 seconds.
  • Classic Mode – You will be challenged to touch 50 black tiles in a shortest time possible.
  • Rush Mode – This mode challenges you on how many black tiles you can tap per second.
  • Arcade Mode – This is where you must touch an onslaught of black tiles as quickly as possible because speed increases the higher it gets.
  • Relay Mode – Here the player has to tap a minimum of at least 50 black tiles in less than 10 seconds, and then you need to reset the clock in order to get another 50 tiles.

While all of this may be confusing it is very easy and fun to play and you will learn quickly. All you need to do is hit as many black tiles as you possibly can without touching the white ones. With each one that you have hit successfully you unleash a musical tune that makes it possible for you to keep on going. When you hit the title speed option it does not increase the speed of the title, in fact what it actually does is it changes the the speed that tiles scroll in rush or zen mode. If you are tired of the ads that appear on your phone, you can hit the remove ad button. It allows you to remove all the ads in the game. You will still be able to play the game.

Most of the high score that you will find in the Game Centre is hacked scores. If you want to see what the real score is then you must press the show more button until the score look realistic.

This game is absolutely free to play. Without you knowing this game will get you hooked enabling you to want to play for hours until you have beaten your previous score.

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