Principles Of Writing Enticing Email Subject Lines

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Email has become a flood of communication. It has evolved from a niche form of communication to a vital marketing channel. Inboxes are more likely to be filled with campaigns from businesses than with letters and correspondence from your friends. What was once considered spam has become an art form in riding the line between unsolicited and genuine advertising.

This evolution has made it harder than ever to stand out from the hundreds of brand messages your customers may receive on a weekly basis, pushing everything from the latest payment gateway a company is using, to a new product. Your email subject line is more vital than ever and writing an eye-catching, attention-grabbing one can feel like a shot in the dark. The two basic principles below will take the guesswork out of creating exciting and engaging email subject lines.

Enticing Email Subjects

Make it short, sweet and memorable

Think of your email subject line like a catch phrase, or the hook of a song. You want it to stay with the reader while they read the email, and then stick in their heads even after they have closed it. While the ultimate aim may be to create a sale, the email itself may not accomplish this goal immediately. Instead, your email subject line may be memorable enough to stay with the reader and plant the seed of future conversion. This increase in brand visibility is as worthy a result as making the sale from the email itself, as the chances of a person needing what you are trying to sell at exactly the moment you are promoting it, are slim. Instead, aim for memorability and the email marketing campaign could pay dividends long after it has been sent and archived.

Escape the shackles of the spam vernacular

Spam filters and humans are savvier than ever. We are quick to dismiss emails that have the classic red flag words in the subject line. These include words such as: ”free”, “act now”, “as seen on”, “income from home”, and hundreds more triggers. These words have become shorthand that triggers spam filters and instant deletion.  Your subject line should also avoid ALL CAPS, excessive exclamation points, and be free from grammatical errors. These may seem like goods ways to capture attention, however your email isn’t making it as far as the inbox then you are wasting your time. Regardless of how you feel about these words, they should be avoided to ensure your email has a chance of making it through spam filters.

Your best foot forward

There is no golden formula for writing great subject lines. It is important to test different versions and find out which ones have the biggest impact. As the eCommerce industry becomes more competitive, content marketing or email marketing will play a vital role in branding and pushing sales. Your campaign should focus on offering value, rather than attempting to bamboozle a recipient into using your service or buying your product. Email is no longer the most urgent form of communication, with instant messaging taking over, which means that users expect emails to be well-constructed and thought out. This is the only approach a business can expect to have any success with.

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