Reasons to Choose a Password Management Service for Your Business

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Although it might sound rather questionable, passwords could be one of the core foundations of your company’s digital confidential information security – given they are absolutely safe and strong. Weak passwords are around an alarming reason for nearly more than 50% of the business attacks on corporate networks. In this context, it is important one understands and realizes the importance of password management and the role it plays in strengthening your business’ digital footprint.

Why is protecting your password important?

Simply put, enterprise password management solutions, by enforcing strong and strict password policies across multiple platforms, ensure increased security of your business. Adding an extra critical layer to your company’s confidential data could be a tool you could leverage to shore off defences against hackers. Confidential data could be a lot of information and of various types – such as credit card information, medical files of patients or financial reports. By not ensuring a strict security across multiple platforms, a company only increases its risk of potential cyber attacks. The consequences of your data getting into the wrong hands could have severe implications on your business and could even go to an extent that your business lose enough money to continue business operations.

Reasons to Choose a Password Management Service for Your Business

It calls for an improved password security to keep all your sensitive information safe

Password management solutions do the following tasks

  1. Maintain as well as regulate password policies for anybody who accesses the company’s network resources
  2. Helps control re-usage of old passwords across multiple platforms
  3. These enforce you to make passwords of a certain length and use alpha numeric combinations with upper as well as lower case letters to ensure an unbreakable password.
  4. It wipes out the load from your brain and allows you to do more productive things rather than memorizing a long list of passwords

Wipes the load off your mind

When one uses a password manager and gets into a website, then the person can directly type the password into the password manager and it fills in all information for you. If you are already registered into the website, it automatically fills in some important information, such as address etc., in the web forms saving a lot of your time. If you are in the process of generating a new account, the password manager also offers to generate a secure password which is completely random and completely fills in all your information, such as address, email address etc., automatically.

A dedicated password manager helps in storing your passwords in encrypted form. It generates random passwords across secure platforms and can be easily integrated across various platforms, such as mobiles, laptops etc.

In several ways ensuring password compliance could be the first line of defence you could choose to safeguard the best interests of your business. There is no spec of doubt that you must already be using antivirus and firewall protections but that’s certainly not an end. The vast numbers of data breaches that have occurred in the recent past were mostly due to improper password management. This makes it all the more critical for your business to ensure it uses a strong and strict password management system.

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