Researching IT Support Companies

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Researching IT Support Companies

Not many know about advanced computer and Internet software, which is why many companies turn to IT professionals for support. While many bigger companies have internal IT support departments, smaller businesses can’t afford their own IT department. Because they’ll need someone to handle all their computer and Internet questions, these smaller companies will hire a third party IT support company who will fix their problems fast and teach them how to troubleshoot problems themselves. Here’s what to look for when you start searching for a qualified IT support company:


When looking for IT support ask around to other companies to see who they use and trust. If you can’t come up with any recommendation, have the company that you’re potentially interested in send you references and reviews so that you can be confident in your decision to hire them.

Remote Assistance

Always look for a company that will be available over the phone or via the Internet when you have computer troubles. A company with remote assistance can be a lifesaver to a business and should be considered when hiring an IT support company. A plus is if they have 24-hour assistance, just in case something happens at night or during off hours with your system or software. Many IT support Irvine companies know that problems still occur outside regular business hours and that you’ll need help no matter what time of day it is.


Besides remote assistance, you still want to find a company that will come to your business if they can’t troubleshoot your problem over the phone. Make sure to ask companies that you are considering if they have any guarantees with their response times and if it’s an extra charge for them to go to your place of business if all else fails.

Full-Time IT Engineers

Stay away from companies who use freelance IT Engineers or that subcontract their work. Look for companies that actually hire full-time IT engineers. If they do have full-time employees, this will ensure that you have instant access to their full-time crew whenever you need them. Subcontractors will have other accounts to worry about and won’t always put your company’s needs first.

System Protection

Any IT support company you hire should have superior system protection for your company’s most valuable files. They should have quality firewalls to make sure that your data is protected from any breakdown or infiltration from hackers and outside sources. If a company doesn’t have it, look for one that does since it will save you time and money.


Look for an IT companies that provide consultation and education for your staff. They’ll come in and teach your employees the basics of your system and will also recommend products and new services that your company can benefit from.

When looking for a new IT support company, it’s important you take the time to research the right company so that you can get the help needed to have your business run smoothly.

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