The Major Benefits of Blogging

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Journalists and students first made use of blogging to convey their opinions. Blogging was just a hobby a couple of decades back, it evolved from being an online diary, where people would keep a running journal of their day to day life to the most powerful online marketing tool. Today blogging has become a huge tool in shaping a person’s career. There are numerous advantages of blogging, some of which are

1) Getting a Better Job:

A recent study highlights that nine out of ten companies mine online profiles and blogs before making a hiring decision. Employers are looking for people who have a certain degree of online influence. It goes without saying that the most efficient and cost-effective way of brand building is blogging.

2) Getting in to Top B-Schools:

Just a good GMAT score and an essay are not sufficient to get in to top B-Schools. All top B-Schools today mine and analyze the online profile of the candidates. Owning a high authority blog can go a long way in convincing the admissions department in choosing you.

3) Entrepreneurship:

Most blogs will start out as a hobby, however they have the potential to become huge businesses on their own. There are bloggers who make millions a year.

4)  Promote Existing Business:

In addition to the income that blogs can earn, they can also be leveraged to promote other business. A regularly updated blog has the potential to bring in new leads for your already existing business.

5)  Become a Better Writer

Publishing business has evolved a lot over the past couple of decades, today publishers will not take a chance on an unknown author. It also makes business sense for the publisher to give chance to an author with an already existing subscriber base. Today blogging is considered as the first step in becoming a published author.

How to Build a Successful Blog:

Building a blog is not rocket science and any one can easily start a blog, however choosing the right host, getting the right platform and finalizing on the right topic requires lot of brainstorming. Once that is done you need to attract an audience, build authority and then monetize your work. You need expert guidance in these areas and there are several paid consultants to do this for you, however there are some top notch resources online which can do an equally good job in helping you to attain blogging success. Start a blog only after going through good online resources like . InspireBlogger has all the resources and information you need to succeed in blogging.

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