Things You Need to Know About Wireless Driveway Alarm System

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It goes without saying that wireless driveway alarm for your home is not just a luxury but a necessity these days.  Security is of paramount importance these days with cases of burglary, theft, kidnapping and other crimes occurring almost on a daily basis. Safety of our kids and family is more important for us than anything else, so investing in proper security apparatus for our house is a wise decision.

There are several security devices that are available in the market to enhance the security of your property. However the most important of them all is a wireless driveway alert system.  Driveway alarms have sensors, which monitor any activity surrounding your house, especially the entrance and exit of your driveways. This system alerts you whenever someone enters your driveway, so you will never be caught unaware. This can prevent trespassing and also help you to keep an eye out for your visitors. With this system in place you will never miss an important package delivery again.

Choosing the right alarm system for your property depends on the level of protection you are looking for and your budget constraints. There are various models of driveway alarm systems available in in the market, however, the more sophisticated the system, the bigger will be its price. We highly recommend the dakota driveway alarm series, one of the most reputed and best selling brands available in the market.

What is a wireless driveway alarm system?

A wireless driveway alarm system is a security device with a motion detector that detects motion to monitor vehicular traffic entering your driveway. These systems can also be integrated with already existing security device in your house. This device is usually made up of two parts- the motion sensor, and the radio receiver. The motion sensor is kept at the entrance, and the receiver is placed inside the house. A radio signal is transmitted whenever the motion sensor is triggered by a moving body; that radio signal is received by the receiver inside the house and it activates the alarm.

The distance the sensors can convey alarm signals vary based on the model.

Installing a wireless driveway alarm system

The installation of this alarm system is pretty simple, it just requires a couple of tools like hammer, a screwdriver and a few batteries. The receiver is fixed inside the house as it requires a power source. Most modern alarm system comes with multiple tones. You can the choose the tone of your liking while installing the receiver.

However installation might be cumbersome when you purchase this system as a part of an advanced security package.

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