Use A Property Inspection App To Reduce Your Liability

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Use A Property Inspection App To Reduce Your Liability

The new best friend of any property manager these days is most definitely a good property inspection app. Your inspection app will prove invaluable in your job as you are mandated to ensure that the buildings your tenants occupy are safe and snag-free. Your inspection software enables you to do this effortlessly while documenting everything you need to.

Unfortunately, as much as we want to trust our tenants, they do not always follow the rules. Your property inspection app helps you to reduce your liability in several ways.

Perhaps the most important of them all is protecting you against illegal activity in your building. If you find evidence of drug use or drug manufacturing, your app will allow you to record the evidence which you can later present to your tenant and law enforcement agencies.

Safety is key and the last thing you need is a potential fire hazard. Record any fire threats in the form of hazardous chemicals, materials or items in the building. You do not want to find yourself in a fire code violation. By using a property inspection app, you will be able to set a re-inspection date in the calendar and allow your tenant time to remove the fire hazard.

Perhaps your building’s regulations do not allow pets and you have noticed evidence of them, such as fur on furniture, a cat litter tray or pet odors. If so, document this proof in your app and take the issue up with your tenant. This could result in eviction, removal of the pet or an increase in rent.

Does your building specify occupancy for only a certain number of tenants and have you noticed that your tenant has exceeded this number? The evidence may be in the form of additional beds or simply too many people being present at the premises. Again, your inspection app can document this evidence and you can approach your tenant with this issue.

If the City finds that you are hoarding excess trash, boxes and other goods in your house, they may deem it unsafe to live in. You can be one step ahead of them and inspect your tenant’s home to ensure that they are not hoarding excess rubbish. Excessive items in the home could be a fire hazard so if this is the case, be sure to take prompt action and contact the City to have the items removed.

There is inspection software for ipad and inspection software for android. Always remember that the main aim for this technology is always to protect both you and your tenant.

We are developing apps for over 3 years in every platform for several clients. We now want to give back to the developer community and this is our initiative to help the aspiring developers.

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