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Wise App Review

There are hundreds of app search engines and search apps available for android apps. However most of those search engines are not intuitive and don’t understand your exact preferences. Around 60% of the people don’t use their smartphones wisely and don’t install apps that they actually need on a daily basis. Last week we happened to check WiseApp, unlike other apps in the market and app search engines, wiseapp understands your preferences before suggesting you mobile apps. It analyzes your preferences based on two methods.

1) Based on a survey: The app provides you with a simple survey, where you can answer questions with a  “yes/no” responses and few other questions about your preferences. The survey contains 38 well crafted questions, which can easily be answered in under 2 minutes. You will then get app suggestions based on your preferences.  The suggested apps will be immediately available for download without any fuss.

2) Based on Your Facebook Activity: If you provide your facebook account the app will be able to match the most suited apps for you, based on your facebook profile and you preferences.
There is a group of online editors at WiseApp who follows a set of guidelines and choose the right apps for you.

It seems that the app closely monitors the app market and popular apps, so as to provide the best solution for the users of WiseApp. They don’t operate on a commercial platform and they keep up with the changing dynamics of the app market and smartphone user requirements.

The interface of the app seems to be beautiful, intuitive and user friendly; hence anyone with an android phone can use it.

The following are the set of conditions they strictly adhere to:

– The apps recommended are of high quality.
– Best apps in their field
– Do what they claim to do, no more and no less
– Convenient user interface
– Free
– No ads

Based on the extensive testing done by us we can conclude that with WiseApp you will be able to find at least two to three useful apps that you never knew about before. This app can significantly improve your smart phone productivity and its entertainment value.

You have nothing to lose, WiseApp is giving their app completely for free, give it a try and you will love it. You can download the app for your android or your kindle device. Download WiseApp from google play store.

We are developing apps for over 3 years in every platform for several clients. We now want to give back to the developer community and this is our initiative to help the aspiring developers.

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